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I’m not normally into Opie and Anthony knock-offs, but I have been watching this channel called “Revenge of the Cis”. I have dealt with guys like this, big mouths who have the perfect faces for radio, but that doesn’t mean I want them to shut up. I call myself and other women “bitches” (mostly myself more than anything) a lot so I don’t really have the right to get offended about that. I get annoyed with guys who can dish it out to females but act butthurt when a woman can clap back. They have to be able to make fun of themselves just as much as they make fun of other people. This show has guys who aren’t above making fun of each other, so it’s a lot easier to deal with than a lot of other guys I have seen on Youtube or just guys trying to be influencers or internet famous in general. I also love anybody in general who isn’t scared to call out someone else as a joke thief. Lord knows I have dealt with my fare share of people using my material or premises.

As long as a guy doesn’t cry about the fact that I’m a ball buster, I don’t really have much of a problem with them. There are a lot of thin-skinned edge lords out there, unfortunately. Apparently it can be emasculating for a guy to deal with a woman who can bust his balls effectively. There is even more butthurt if the ball busting happens in front of other guys. It doesn’t worry me much. I have enough guy friends who are not hypocrites when it comes to the banter, so I just mostly sit back and watch and/or listen a guy wants to play the “women are inferior” card when it comes to comedy.

Jamaican Me Crazy Lilly!

If I did this on my Youtube channel, I’d be raked through the coals.

Did you know that Jamaica is one of the most homophobic countries in the world?

She helps brown women break through the glass ceiling only to pull this move?

Good job, Lilly.

I have watched many Youtube videos that Lilly has probably never watched and found out that her audience was full of paid viewers and that her laugh tracks from the audience are all pre-recorded. That isn’t comedy, that is agenda, and that makes me cringe. That is the first time I have ever used the word “cringe” in a review.

For me, this parody sums up her show the best:

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