Being Pretty Gets You Places

After I had my daughter, I worked out. A lot more than I did before I had her. I lost more weight than I gained when I was pregnant. I was the most toned I have ever been in my life. I got more attention from men and hell, women too) than I have ever gotten before.

I have always been told I have a pretty face. Being the skinniest I had ever been on top of that changed my life. It got me places. It opened doors that had been previously closed. I cannot pretend that I did not like the attention. It felt empowering for a while.

A pretty actress who was on one of my favorite TV shows, Reign, once said that being pretty open doors, but it can also open a door to a cliff edge.

That’s exactly how it felt.

To make a long story short, I got sexually harassed so much that I don’t care about the fact that I’m a fat chick now and have been for years. Most of the sexual harassment has stopped. Not all, but most, at least IRL. I don’t have to deal with so many guys who hate me because when they see me they see the pretty girls that ignored them since or in high school. Boys weren’t the only problem. Women with no or little self-esteem take their insecurities out on you and feel justified to do so. They do their best to try to ruin your reputation and feel justified to do so.

I still get slut shamed to this day because I apparently am the fat chick guys will make an exception for.

If you think that being pretty solves all problems, you are an idiot.

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