@Hulu Getting Rid of “Little Britain” and “Come Fly With Me” Was a Bad Move.

I really do not like any company that panders to that insufferable “woke culture”. The writers of “Little Britain” and “Come Fly With Me” may have made jokes and characters that some would consider racist, but Matt Lucas and David Walliams are NOT racists. If Hulu did any research on them at all or read David’s autobiography they would know that already. David Williams specifically states in his book that his father had racist tendencies (not an offensive sense of humor like David has, but actual racist tendencies), and David told his father straight to his face that he could never love anybody that is racist, including him.

Do research before you give into mob mentality. Think for yourself. If offensive humor is not your thing, you have every right to feel that way and every right not to choose to associate with people with an offensive sense of humor. You do not, however, have the right to bully them into having the same sense of humor as you do. Don’t like a particular joke/comedian/tv show/movie? Don’t give them your money or attention. Rallying a mob to attack those who offend you is not alright and more importantly, it is not human.

Go for projects that specifically exploit underage children the way that Netflix allowed “Cuties” to. I cancelled my Netflix subscription because of that movie. They don’t get to have my money anymore.

Again, bullying people who like offensive jokes into feeling like they are a bad person is never OK.

Offensive jokes are not hate speech. Parody is not hate speech.

“When they start looting, we’ll start shooting” however, is.

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