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Patience is a Virtue

I see people who have it better than I do but do not work a fraction of how hard I work.

My jealousy gets to me sometimes.

I internalize it because I know that although things are rough right now, a peak will soon come.

It is when I feel most jealous that I keep my words to myself.

I could bitch and moan about all of the trauma that I have been forced to deal with. There is some trauma I will be affected by for years to come, probably until I die.

So I take pleasure in the little things. I ride my own melt. Life is in the details. Life is in Hemingway’s six word story.

Small things that go unnoticed are not by default weak. It is the silence where things happen. Loud noises, loud words, loud deeds are often the most empty.

Anansi Needs to Have a Seat

This opinion might get me into hot water, but I don’t really care.

I am obsessed with Neil Gaiman, so obviously I am over the moon about the fact that there is another season of the book adaptation of “American Gods”.

Neil Gaiman and everyone involved in this series make it very clear that they are not going to white-wash a single episode.

There are two important gods in this series: Anansi and Belquis, Anansi being male and Belquis female. Both are powerful characters in this day and age, where racial tensions in America and beyond are simmering like a pressure cooker. Anansi was written off of the show because some of the powers that be did not want the viewers to think he is just another stereotypical angry black man. His story is important, but now that he has made his appearance, he needs to take a seat.

This season and all seasons beyond need to be about Bilquis, because for once there needs to be an angry black woman portrayed in the entertainment industry. It has always been about the angry black man, and I cannot be alone when I say that I am sick of it. I want more women of color taking the mic so they can force mainstream media to look at the damage they are doing to the female POC population. Even if I don’t like said woman of color, I want her represented. I want her involved. I want a light to be directly shone on how men of color mistreat their fellow women of color. I want a light to be directly shone on how white men mistreat women of color. I am done with the outpouring of whitesplaining that goes on after every racially motivated incident occurs.

Women of color deserve so much better than this.

Big Brother is Watching But the Youth Are Not Reading

Do kids these days even know where Big Brother comes from, or more to the point, that Big Brother is not that far off nowadays to becoming real?

What with the selling of private information, government surveillance, and young people going to college being taught that political correctness expands free speech, how far off are we really? How far off is this political correctness from becoming new and/or double speak? Is anybody going to address the elephant in the room? Most people who are pushing for this “political correctness” are worth at least a million. Why should I, someone below the poverty level, listen to the newly rich preach to me about injustice?

What are the youth going to turn into in the age of social media addiction?

I can only speak for myself, but this is what I grew up to:

I Don’t Want the “Woke” Version of You. Here’s Why.

I grew up in a very multi-cultured environment. There were times in high school were I would be in class and there would be more POC than white people. When you’re already accustomed to different nationalities, there’s nothing to “get woke” about. You will be subjected to racism and people who stand up against racism.

I just think “woke” culture is a phenomenon that was created by a bunch of attention whores on social media who now get paid millions to be attention whores. They’re not in it for social change, they just pretend to be because it’s making them rich.

There are brown people who are not okay having Lilly Signh represent them, and I don’t blame them.

There will always be -isms in any sort of civilized society. Mature people with a good head on their shoulders who were raised by their parents and not a TV, smart phone or iPad know this already.

This culture isn’t groundbreaking.

Social media addiction is what is ruining people. THAT is what people need to “get woke” to. Not this.

  • In light of Elliot Page’s coming out: I personally know some transgendered people. I’ve never seen or heard of any injustice towards them locally. They count too, it is just hard for me to always keep that in mind due to the fact that I do not know a lot of them personally. That doesn’t mean I am prejudice, I am just ignorant, plain and simple. It is ok to admit to being ignorant as long as you are willing to subject yourself to change.
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