So it’s another new year.

I usually take December off when it comes to my writing and my content. I have been fan-girling on the Sandman audible production and the Sandman TV show that is coming. Like really really REALLY fan-girling. I am green with envy over those who have got to see the theater version of Ocean at the End of the Lane. I mean it. I am BITTER.

I have started listening to the audio version to try to get over myself. I keep falling asleep to it though so I can’t even tell you what I know about the book other than the synopsis. Neil Gaiman make your voice less palatable for once so I can actually get through a book without being lulled into a coma. kthanx.

I love you but dude. Srsly.

It’s Like a Car Crash I Can’t Stop Watching.

I watch Gone Girl, I listen to the audio book, and a part of me finds comfort in it. It sounds insane, and I don’t blame you for thinking it is.

As a survivor of domestic violence, that part of me that is scarred and will always be scarred, takes pleasure in it.

Not that I would do anything like Amy Dunne did, of course. I may have a sadistic streak, but I’m not psychotic.

It’s the torture that I crave when watch Ben Affleck, it’s the torture I listen to from Nick’s part of the audio book.

I know this has been said from a lot of women about this book, this movie: the girl got her revenge, she got away with it, the villain was a girl and she got away with it. As a survivor it is fucking delicious.

Amy was a villain, but I think I could give her a run for her money. There were times when I felt inspired by the Saw movies when it came to my ex. I could make Amy look like Sally Field. When Midsommar, the ultimate break-up movie, was a fucking walk in the park compared to my day dreams.


Your voice makes me feel safe. Comforted. Giddy like a school girl. So many of the best memories of my life start with you. When I get the chance to shut out the rest of the world, your words are like soul food. Your voice unlocks my imagination. No one has done that since I first started reading Anais Nin. You two are my literary role models. You never disappoint. My brain is constantly in such chaos but I hear Neil or read Anais and I escape.

I have been spending the past month doing my best to hold it together while my Mom is in the hospital. She won’t come back to me for a while. It hurts.

But you both make it better, even if it is for a little while.

I put my ear buds in and Neil’s voice puts me to sleep. He truly is my Sandman.

Dear Mr. Scorcese: “Content Cancer” has Infiltrated the Literary World as Well

There are some writers who do not deserve their high ranking in the NY Times best-seller category. These writers are considered “influencers” or “content creators”.

The only “content creator” books I have read are the first two books by Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. They are both honestly well-written books that are entertaining. “Miranda Sings” wrote a book for shits and giggles. The dearly departed “Grumpy Cat” had a book. I have heard that Franchesca Ramsey’s book is also well-written (I have no idea if hers has made any kind of list). Arin Hanson of “Game Grumps” has his own book out and from the live reading he gave a few months ago, I can tell it would be a book I would definitely be interested in at a younger age. Sometimes you get lucky and the content creator behind the book can actually write. That, unfortunately, does not ring true for the majority of content creators.

A lot of content creators write books simply because they can. They have the money to do it and a fan base already established to sell it.

The only real ace up my sleeve is the fact that my sister is a technical writer and will edit my book for free. She is also an excellent writer and I will be welcoming her suggestions as I construct the first draft.

This is the reason I started “Girls Who Wear Glasses” as a blog first and not a novel. I am desperate to get people reading again, even if this blog is the only thing they like to read recreationally. I of course, want to encourage them to read other authors, which is why I will be starting a book club this summer. Even if the book club consists of just me talking to myself about how much I like the book I chose, I am still going to review it, and I am still going to continue it every month. I want to start with my favorite book “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman. It is the one book that gave me my confidence back as a writer.

Even while my detractors try to convince me I should give up.

I may be a damaged individual, but I am in no way broken.

I always get back up for another round.

Natural Born Killers

This is one of my favorite movies. I know how depraved it is, but it encapsulates everything that the media has done to America. The sick thing is, the depiction of media in Natural Born Killers is tame compared to the media of today.

Murder as a sport and not a crime dates back about a thousand years.

If there could be an insurrection at the White House, there could be a Hunger Games.

I won’t be surprised if American breaks out into another civil war. Helter Skelter. Not a bit suprised.

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