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“Get Out” and Negrophilia (*spoiler alert*)

(This was written back in 2022)

This is my 3rd attempt at writing a review of “Get Out”. I had to re-watch the movie and do some research to find Easter eggs and things I did not realize the first time I watched it. I did some snooping around on Youtube and that helped me realize everything that I missed. There are things that I don’t want to talk about because I do not want to have too many spoilers in my review.

There is a term that caught my attention from a Youtuber I was watching who mentioned “negrophilia”. I have been surrounded by it all my life, especially in high-school, but I never knew what it was called. Negrophilia was introduced to me starting in middle school and became much more noticeable after Eminem became famous. During my freshman year of high school a lot of white boys dyed their hair blonde and got the same haircut as him. There were also white boys rapping around middle school either in the halls, classrooms, and the occasional talent show, but that was nothing compared to high school, when an onslaught of white boys bombarded urban and suburban areas alike trying to sound and look like Marshal Mathers.

Negrophilia has existed much earlier than “Hi! My Name Is”. It is derived from the French word “negrophillie”, which means “love of the negro”. The French, it turns out, were obsessed with fetishizing black culture in the 1920’s. I remember reading Anais Nin’s diaries from when she lived in NYC in high school and learning about her love of jazz and surrealism. She loved surrealism in movies. She and her friends immersed themselves in negrophilia with every movie ticket they bought and every jazz dance floor they visited, executing dance moves that were most likely stolen from black people.

Tiktok proves that negrophilia is alive and well. Black culture and the white people who fetishize it spread like wildfire after the advent of radio, motion pictures, and eventually television, followed by the internet and social media. This obsession is what the film “Get Out” tackles.

Negrophilia in today’s white liberal Americans is what “Get Out” is about specifically. Their attempts at being allies is damaging and gives black people the heebie-jeebies. Chris, the protagonist of the movie says flat out that being around white people while being the among the few and/or only black person makes him extremely uncomfortable. With each passing old white person his girlfriend introduces him to, you can see him start to recoil and become more and more “cringed out”. He wears their strange and invasive questioning like a sweater full of itching powder throughout the entire party scene.


He finally finds another fellow black person at the party and the more that Chris interacts with him, the more that itching powder feels like terror, and then Chris takes a picture of him on his phone with the flash on. Everything, and I mean everything, goes downhill from there.


I could go into the downward spiral that follows, but I don’t want to give too many spoilers. I will say this: in America, in the North, white supremacy in certain white liberals seem to scare a lot of black people more than the blatant in-your-face racism that is prevalent to the South. After I have dissected “Get Out”, I’ve decided I don’t blame any Black American for feeling that way. Learning about “the coagula method” made me just as uncomfortable as when I learned about “the Ludivico Technique” in the novel “A Clockwork Orange”.

The Ludivico technique is basically a way to brainwash young violent white males who are so privileged that they believe they can do anything they want to help the decay of society because of the safety net their white skin gives them. They are taught that violence and rape is a very terrible thing.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica:

“The Ludivico Technique is a brutal form of aversion therapy that includes movie clips of rape, violence and Nazi atrocities. The treatment causes them to become physically sick if they even think about committing a crime.” (similar to the aversion therapy given to some gay people to “straighten them out”).

“While government officials deem the procedure a success, the prison chaplain, who had befriended Alex (the narrator and star of the book), questions the ethics of removing one’s free will. According to him, good behavior should be a choice.”

Alex’s choice was taken away just like Chris’s choice was in “Get Out”. The thought of being that completely stripped of your freedom is a frightening concept that haunts white Americans and something white Supremacists have been trying to avoid in America at all costs. The tables being truly turned on them must keep them up at night. It certainly would for me if I were one of them.

Why Young Black Americans Join Gangs and Why Black Americans Need a White Asset in Their Life

A shooting happened at a backyard BBQ in Fairfield, New Jersey. The cause of the shooting? Gang violence. There is a turf war between the Southside Young Boys and The Northside Young Boys. This turf war has been active since the 1960’s. Usually this gang does not involve actually shooting at people during confrontation. One witness said they let off a couple of rounds. This time, the shots lasted up to ten minutes. The shooting took the life of two people: Asia Hester, 25 and Kevin Elliot, 30. No one had heard any kind of commotion or arguing prior to the shooting.

The first thing that springs to mind when someone asks me why I think teenagers think it is a good idea to join a gang is because it provides a false sense of security. They usually have no sense of security from one or both their parents or teachers. Their parents decided not to be their own children’s role models so they were forced to fend for themselves. They may have disingenuous teachers that are there for a paycheck or are listless due to the fact that they reached their tenure. They have teachers who ignore the “bad eggs” and their potential and focus on the “good eggs” in their classrooms. In America, if you live in a low-cost urban community and are a person of color, you are much more likely to be pegged as a “bad egg” than white students. Funding for schools that are predominantly black have a tendency to have their funding cut and cut and cut. This isn’t a coincidence or an accident. This is American white supremacy fueling the stigma that American people of color, especially black Americans, are destined to be nothing more that a gang member, a drug dealer, a rapper or a basketball all star. They are deterred from learning any kind of trade that could give them any kind of real power in big business because of capitalism. Capitalism is rooted in white supremacy. Old crusty white men run America, and there should be an age limit as to how old you can be to become the POTUS.

Old white men are elected into office to keep their boots on the necks of the descendants of African Americans who were once enslaved. Black Americans are subliminally set up to fail. Not just by the American educational system (a system built on lies), but by Big Media as well. (A lot of Americans do not know that 90% of all American media is run by the few major corporations of the world. That is not journalism, that is agenda.)

Gangs were actually formed by disingenuous Black American men who felt betrayed by how they were treated after they had joined the army and served their country, dragged into wars that have nothing to do with them by crusty old white men who dragged them from Africa.

American gangs were born after the pressure cooker of racism the Klu Klux Klan created by picking up where they left off after World War I. The Black Panther Party was also created as a means of vigilantly justice to help keep the streets of predominately black neighborhoods safe from racist white cops. That’s what American gangs were formed from: vigilantly justice. Protecting their own because some of the white boys in blue refuse to.

I was not raised in a hoity-toity suburb. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was raised in and still live next to “the hood”. The only women who stuck up for me when I was getting bullied were black women. Literally every really bad bully I had to deal with growing up was a white girl. It got so bad that I had to once round up a group of my black girlfriends to hand the ass back to some stupid white bitch (whose nickname was “ground beef” because that’s how bad her acne was) that my then boyfriend was cheating on me with. My white privilege came in handy when I asked the crossing guard if Ground Beef had gotten off of the school bus, and the crossing guard let me know she was indeed home. She was too chicken-shit to come out of her house that day, of course.

I have never in my life been harassed by any Black American. Black Americans have embraced me since I was a little girl. Why I do not know. I was never pegged as a “wigger”, I was never harassed about my white privilege, I was actually accepted into their group. All of my bullies have been white girls or black women who pretend to be white. Every time I was in a group of white girls at school I got bullied.

The funny thing about that is, when I was hanging out with my black school mates, no white girl ever stepped to me. Ever.

My white privilege opened doors for people of color who could not open the door themselves. My connections protect them. Use me for my resources, I’m begging you! I protect black people’s safety because they always protected mine. I don’t know what it was like to deal with “reverse racism” like Eminem did. I wish we went to school together because those bullies would have been eating their teeth for a week if I ever caught them beating up a white boy just for being white. Black women taught me how to fight. There’s no hair pulling with this bitch: I will slap you Big Willy Style, trust and believe.

If I ever were to witness a Karen getting in the face of ANY person of color that I am within spitting distance of, bet on it that I’m going to introduce my can of mace to their eyeballs.

I digress.

I have a story to tell about a black female neighbor of mine. It is a heartbreaking story and an event that I am still in shock over and have not quite recovered from. I do not know if I will every fully recover from it.

Stay tuned for that tale. Make sure you have a box of tissues.

The Executioners and the Plague of White Supremacy Part 2

There is a list of British writers that agreed with the sentiments of white imperialism in the 19th century: Charles Kingsley, creator of “social problem” novels, historical romances, and children’s literature. Thomas Carlyle, a historian and essayist. Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book. These men all believed in the “white man’s burden”, which is defined as bringing down the concept of a non-white civilization to adhere to what is called “beneficent imperialism”.

Imperialism is about unity according to Alexander the Great. He wanted equality for all people, not just the people living in the Roman Empire. It became divided with the rise of the Islamic population. Imperialism was no longer about equality after this. World War I centered around the rise of independent imperial states, primarily Russia, Italy, Germany, and the United States, and Japan. The pursuit of financial power and control became the form of Imperialism that exists to this day. Capitalism being the most popular, especially in the United States.

The rise of capitalism is rooted in the colonization of the United States after the genocide of Native Americans a few hundred years ago. This genocide paved the way for white male citizens to bring slaves from Africa beginning in 1619. Twenty Africans were bought through slave trade that lasted for many years. These African slaves were granted very few rights and were not allowed to partake in any of the economic, social, and political progress of the United States.

Africans and their decedents play a large part in United States culture, scientific discoveries and progress. This trickle-down effect created a society where Caucasians rip off the culture of Africans and their decedents who pretend it is their own. America would not be the country it is now without the contributions of Africans and African Americans. The theft of the choreography belonging to black content creators on the app TikTok by white content creators such as Charlie D’Amelio as demonstrated on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show is a good example.

This beneficent imperialism that exists in the United States has only fully benefited its Caucasian male citizens. Beneficent imperialism has also mutated into systemic racism over time. What was once a dream of equality so many years ago has become a nation run by Caucasian men, for the benefit of Caucasian men only. The fact that women and the BIPOC community were not allowed to vote until recently proves this.

There is still so much work to be done in a country that grants voting rights to marginalized communities only to then do everything in their power to suppress said rights to this day.

This gang of “executioners” is a prime example of white supremacy and white nationalism keeping its knee on the throat of all people of color who reside in America.

To learn more about The Executioners:

The Executioners and the Plague of White Supremacy Part 1

“Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck, for the rain to gather for the wind to suck. For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop. Here is a strange and bitter crop.”-Billie Holiday

A mistake that one commits over and over and over again is no longer a mistake. It has morphed into a choice. According to the U.S. Sun, there is a gang in L.A. police stations who took it upon themselves to chose to get a tattoo that only means one thing: that if you are a BIPOC, the white police officer holding the gun at you did not shoot you accidentally because they mistook their gun for a taser. They are aiming it at you to kill you in the name of white supremacy.

May I present to you, dear reader, with a short cliff notes version of this infestation that plagues the United States, a plague that has never left. The plague of white supremacy.

During the 19th to mid-20th century, white supremacy became more mainstream with the help of the four volume long Essay on the Inequality of Human Races by the French writer & diplomatist Arthur de Gobineau. It was published between 1853 through 1855 and it centered on how the Germanic population known as Aryans are superior.

“Aryan” is the term coined for people who spoke a certain Indo-European language. Indo-European languages are a group of languages that were spoken in areas of Europe and South Asia that scholars called “Indo-Hittite” (hypothetically). Hittite is an extinct language that is part of a group of languages dubbed the Anatolian languages. These languages, which belong to a piece of land found in what is now called Asia Minor, belongs with the Asian part of Turkey.

These languages also date back to the prehistoric era (BC-before Christ). This means that the Aryan race predates Jesus Christ, who was born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth, which is in Northern Israel. Jesus was of the faith created by Hebrews known as Judaism. This means that Jesus was a Jewish person of color.

No true white supremacist has any business being a Christian.

White supremacists believe that Aryans, or Germanic peoples, are at the top of the food chain of humanity itself.

Any other race should be subservient property or killed in the eyes of white supremacy.

They believe that all non-Aryan races are on the same level as animals. Along with anyone with too many disabilities, people with very dark skin deserve to be served up as medical experiments or flat out executed. This was Hitlers dream; for the Germanic peoples to become the superior race.

Part 2 coming soon.

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