When growing up in elementary school, there was a program that came once a year.
Reading Is Fundamental.

Every year we would line up and classroom after classroom were allowed to pick from the many books that were laid out for free. I didn’t really talk about it back then, but it was one of my favorite times of the year.

I didn’t have a lot of friends back then, and I was bullied a lot. Reading was a safe place to get away from the constant attacks at school as well as my father’s problem with alcohol. I was a Rory Gilmore level book nerd. To top it all off: my Mom worked at a library.

The older I became, the more sophisticated my appetite. I remember bringing the book “Sleepers” with me to read between classes back in 8th grade. I took my Mom and one of my classmates who kind of became my movie buddy out to see the movie version of it, mostly because it had Brad Renfro in it, who I had a huge crush on. Coincidentally, this movie was one of my favorite actor’s (Jeffrey Donovan) first movie roles.

RIF gave me an escape route.

I always wondered if I had a daughter (I secretly wanted a daughter badly) if she would become a book nerd like me. It remains to be seen, but I do know she developed my love of music, which is fine by me. Since she is non-verbal, I have no idea how good of a reader she is. I can only hope that one day she’ll show me.

Do kids still read in this day and age, or are they glued to social media instead?

I suppose we will have to wait and see.

I Don’t Want the “Woke” Version of You. Here’s Why.

I grew up in a very multi-cultured environment. There were times in high school were I would be in class and there would be more POC than white people. When you’re already accustomed to different nationalities, there’s nothing to “get woke” about. You will be subjected to racism and people who stand up against racism.

I just think “woke” culture is a phenomenon that was created by a bunch of attention whores on social media who now get paid millions to be attention whores. They’re not in it for social change, they just pretend to be because it’s making them rich.

There are brown people who are not okay having Lilly Signh represent them, and I don’t blame them.

There will always be -isms in any sort of civilized society. Mature people with a good head on their shoulders who were raised by their parents and not a TV, smart phone or iPad know this already.

This culture isn’t groundbreaking.

Social media addiction is what is ruining people. THAT is what people need to “get woke” to. Not this.

  • In light of Elliot Page’s coming out: I personally know some transgendered people. I’ve never seen or heard of any injustice towards them locally. They count too, it is just hard for me to always keep that in mind due to the fact that I do not know a lot of them personally. That doesn’t mean I am prejudice, I am just ignorant, plain and simple. It is ok to admit to being ignorant as long as you are willing to subject yourself to change.

Franchesca Ramsey Blocked Me.

One day I was perusing twitter to see what the people I’m following are posting, as you do. Sometimes I reply to Franchesca Ramsey because she thinks I’m funny. I remembered that I had to mention to Fran that I can cook a collard, and she blocks me!

What a hateful bitch! I hope she gets cancelled!

Jamaican Me Crazy Lilly!

If I did this on my Youtube channel, I’d be raked through the coals.

Did you know that Jamaica is one of the most homophobic countries in the world?

She helps brown women break through the glass ceiling only to pull this move?

Good job, Lilly.

I have watched many Youtube videos that Lilly has probably never watched and found out that her audience was full of paid viewers and that her laugh tracks from the audience are all pre-recorded. That isn’t comedy, that is agenda, and that makes me cringe. That is the first time I have ever used the word “cringe” in a review.

For me, this parody sums up her show the best:

Zoom meetings and leftovers

On Turkey Day my family and I had a zoom meeting hosted by my sister. I got to see my nephew’s other Grandma as well as his other Aunt and Uncle. It was the first time nephew’s Grandma ever got to interact with my daughter. She actually likes webcam sessions for the most part. She sat there looking at her and everybody else while she ate her breakfast (chocolate chip bagel) and got cream cheese all over her face. I told my nephew that I was very close to fixing the community building in Stardew Valley.

Pretty soon I’m going to have an Xbox Live account so that we can play Stardew Valley together once a week. I might even start playing Mindcraft with him. I might save up to get a Nintendo Switch so we can play Animal Crossing.

I’ve eaten so many Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches that I’m good until next year.

I really wished I could have visited my Grandma. Because of Covid I probably won’t be able to see her at Christmas either. At least I have my Aunt’s house to look forward too.

I should go find Lexi’s Christmas dress.

No second chance

I see a lot of gender reveal parties and I watch my favorite reality show, Jersey Shore. I am so happy that cast members are starting families. I am happy for them.

I thought a long time ago I was fine with the fact that I cannot have another child. ‘Due to my mental illness, I can’t risk it.

It weighs on me sometimes, because my daughter was raised around domestic violence. I still can see my baby Lexi, screaming and crying, like it was yesterday.

I got him out asap. If he ever tries anything again, the restraining order will stick this time.

I don’t really think I have to worry because he only wants to come visit for the fun stuff. He doesn’t know the day by day routine. It would be a disaster if we had joint custody.

So I have full residential and physical custody.

I have custody, and I have a mental illness.

That scares me.

Would he ever use it against me?

Would you?

“The Challenge” and Pamprin Weekend

I spent all day today in Lexi’s bed watching “The Challenge” with her on my Chrome book. I feel bad for her because she’s getting mood swings and that usually means one thing. It is the same thing I am suffering from right now, as I do every month. The first two days for me I feel like I should put crime scene tape on me instead of a belt. Ever see the blood tidal wave scene in “The Shining”? That is what it feels like. I am overexaggerating: it isn’t that bad literally. It sure does feel that way though.

Another thing that sucks because of Covid: I have no idea when there will be a new season of “The Challenge”. It’s a big part of my routine and I don’t like my routine getting messed up because of my schizophrenia. My movies and my TV shows help me cope a lot. I hated having to give up Netflix because of that damn “Cuties” movie. I will however re-subscribe for every new season of “Ratched”. Sarah Poulson is so good.

I also am wishing I could have another TV series or miniseries with Natalie Dormer, but the only two she’s been in is “Picnic at Hanging Rock” and “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels”, which I have both watched.

(Tangent, there is a book called Penny Dreadful by Wil Christopher Baer that is part of a “Phineas Poe” trilogy that is really good. Read “Kiss me, Judas” first, then Penny, then “Hell’s Half Acre”. It’s a very noir trilogy if you’re into noir. Will Christopher Baer is one of my favorite writers because of those books. He was supposed to come out with a new book, “Godspeed” that he was working on but nobody knows whether or not it will see the light of day.)

I am really hoping she does another voice performance like she did in “Neverwhere”.

I also keep forgetting that she’s almost a year older than I am. I always thought she was younger.

Covid Can Make You Lonely

I hate that because of this I missed seeing my Grandmother when she turned 100 years old.

I hate that I don’t know when I will ever get the chance to see my best friend’s daughter while she is still a baby.

I don’t know what to think anymore and I don’t know if anything I am writing during this is any good.

I want all of this death to go away. I want the aftermath to go away.

Unless people stop being selfish, who knows when I can go on a proper vacation.

I feel frozen and I do not know when I will be able to continue moving forward or if I am going to make any progress as a person.

I just want to see my daughter progress. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

I live day to day as if I were in prison. I think most poor people like me feel that way. I wish there weren’t so many people becoming destitute because of this.

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