Mom has been gone for so long. She’s starting to get lazy in her progress. When she comes home, I will not tolerate any laziness, she is going to exercise and get better whether she likes it or not.

I’ve been watching Trisha Paytas burn her channel to the ground. I’ve been watching Youtube videos about how to care for a cow’s hoof.

I’m on Hulu right now and have skipped through the movie Bohemian Rhapsody to the Live Aid concert because I need to feel something other than this dread. I have to take care of her while having my hands full with Lexi.

I took some Klonopin and I’m still awake. Not anxious anymore but I still don’t want to go to sleep and later on today I have things to do.

For now I just want to watch one of my favorite moments in cinematic history.

I’ll get choked up but so what. Watching a tortured genius tends to make one misty-eyed.

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