America IS divided: So What Now?

I think it’s safe to say that white supremacy in America has been more out in the open than it has been since the civil right’s movement, only it is now worse thanks to the internet.

Activism against racism is rising to the surface more than ever, thanks to the internet as well.

Where I live, it is a really bad idea to be white and wandering around suburbs late at night by yourself, and it is a much much worse idea to be white and wandering around the apartment complexes in my town. My Dad says it may be gang affiliated, which is a good guess, but it could also be a matter of argument over CI drugs (CI drugs, class one drugs, are “street drugs”). If you are caught by an officer in possession or are in the company of someone possessing them, you go straight to jail.

Last night my Dad told me that a second double homicide was committed a few blocks away from us. Just like the last shooting we had.

Most of the people who are in gangs and are drug dealers are people of color. It is a fact that I am sick to my stomach to say, but it is the truth, and it breaks my heart.

If I ever am held at gun point in my life where I live, I wouldn’t be upset because of the gun pointed at me. I would be upset because the person pointing it would most likely be a person of color trying to get rid of a witness, and that breaks my heart.

Every single time something like this happens near me it breaks my heart. I grew up around here. There are just as many POC as there are white people. That could mean that the person pointing the gun not only might likely be a POC, but somebody I could have grown up with.

That thought doesn’t just break my heart, but shatters it into a million pieces. Over and over again, every time that thought crosses my mind.

Watching people of color destroy each other is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever had to deal with in my life.

It is so painful as a white ally standing against racism, because using your voice while your throat is completely choked up with tears is more difficult than any POC will ever know. Even when I put in the work day to day, stuff like this still happens in a neighborhood like mine.

It affects my mental health.

White people say to me the same old thing over and over: “Don’t talk about racism if it’s going to make you upset every time. Stop trying to be the poster boy/girl for self-righteous indignation. Accept the things you cannot control”.

White people stopping their activism when they realize how dangerous it can be to be a true white ally is the reason the racism keeps happening. Just like men stopping their activism against accused sexual predators when people see the danger or drama you could put yourself in by being a male ally IS WHY IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

Have the balls to amplify your cause regardless of who tries to silence you. The more they try to keep you silent, the closer you get to actual change.

You have to build a very thick skin, but the rewards of growing it are more than worth it. Remind yourself of that the next time you feel your back is against the wall when you have an instinct telling you that you should be the one who finally says something because obviously nobody else will.

Be brave. The rewards of bravery are worth their weight in gold.

The “Faces For Radio” Club

There are a lot of misogynistic, toxic men out there.

Most of them I find who are the most misogynistic and toxic usually belong to what I like to call the “Faces For Radio Club”.

Guys that when you first look at them you automatically clock them as average looking at best. They usually have some of the biggest and yet most fragile ego’s I have ever seen. The bigger male shit-talkers usually have a glass jaw. A woman turns him down and he responds “Fuck you, you’re ugly anyway. I was just doing you a favor.”

The guys who hear “locker room talk” and either participate in it because they’re too scared to check their guy friends on their behavior and don’t stand up to them or don’t participate in it and chose to stay silent.

Silence hides a multitude of sins.

One day I was looking at photos on Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram while he was at a George Floyd protest. He was holding a sign that said “silence is betrayal”.

Guess what?

That saying doesn’t belong to just to black people.

It belongs to all women as well.

Whenever a woman is sexually assaulted or raped by a man and a man asks “Why didn’t you report it? Don’t you know you’re just letting him get away with it? He’s going to do that to some other female, you know that right?”

I say to that question “Fuck off”.

Where were the guys who knew that their guy friend had rape in mind before the woman ever came to the party and you chose to do nothing about it? Where were the upstanding gentlemen who watched their guy friend peer pressure a female into drinking to get drunk and said nothing?

It is always a pattern of men who should have said something and chose not to.

Don’t brush a woman off if she calls you a misogynistic pig because your silence gave them the right to call you that.

Just like she has the right to categorize you into the “Faces for Radio Club”, because guys who are a part of that club are usually the guys who will do anything to try to coerce a woman into sleeping with them. The guys who buy a woman a drink at the bar and when she does not reciprocate with sex they ignore for the rest of the night because that girl was a waste of his time.

If anything, y’all are a waste of MY fucking time.

The next time you ever hear that “silence is betrayal”, get it into your head that it is not just about hate crimes that are committed to a person of color. This has pertained to woman far, far beyond any hate crime toward anybody for their skin color.

Women are still used as currency to this very day.

That is why I am really sick of people who try to make everything about race when they really should be making it about sexism and misogyny.

Be an ally. Don’t be a member of the “Faces For Radio” club.

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