Arin From Game Grumps Has Some of the Best Meltdowns

New Phone Means Better Photos

I finally got a new phone that is much better than the fossil that I was stuck with for so long. It’s my birthday and Christmas gift (I really only seem to want some sort of technology now that I’m getting old-my birthday is also in December so it’s better to get my gifts early anyway.). I will be tinkering with it for the next week. I have been working on the novel I’m hoping to drop by this fall, and it is a lot when I am trying to write about a new topic 3x a week. I am going to be updating with what progress I am making with that and I will be posting Youtube videos I like for the next month. I will resume writing articles and commentary again starting in April. April is a big month because it isn’t just Autism Awareness Month, but my daughter shares her birthday on National Autism Awareness Day. I will be writing about Autism for the month of April and giving updates about me.

Dear Mr. Scorcese: “Content Cancer” has Infiltrated the Literary World as Well

There are some writers who do not deserve their high ranking in the NY Times best-seller category. These writers are considered “influencers” or “content creators”.

The only “content creator” books I have read are the first two books by Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. They are both honestly well-written books that are entertaining. “Miranda Sings” wrote a book for shits and giggles. The dearly departed “Grumpy Cat” had a book. I have heard that Franchesca Ramsey’s book is also well-written (I have no idea if hers has made any kind of list). Arin Hanson of “Game Grumps” has his own book out and from the live reading he gave a few months ago, I can tell it would be a book I would definitely be interested in at a younger age. Sometimes you get lucky and the content creator behind the book can actually write. That, unfortunately, does not ring true for the majority of content creators.

A lot of content creators write books simply because they can. They have the money to do it and a fan base already established to sell it.

The only real ace up my sleeve is the fact that my sister is a technical writer and will edit my book for free. She is also an excellent writer and I will be welcoming her suggestions as I construct the first draft.

This is the reason I started “Girls Who Wear Glasses” as a blog first and not a novel. I am desperate to get people reading again, even if this blog is the only thing they like to read recreationally. I of course, want to encourage them to read other authors, which is why I will be starting a book club this summer. Even if the book club consists of just me talking to myself about how much I like the book I chose, I am still going to review it, and I am still going to continue it every month. I want to start with my favorite book “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman. It is the one book that gave me my confidence back as a writer.

Even while my detractors try to convince me I should give up.

I may be a damaged individual, but I am in no way broken.

I always get back up for another round.

Natural Born Killers

This is one of my favorite movies. I know how depraved it is, but it encapsulates everything that the media has done to America. The sick thing is, the depiction of media in Natural Born Killers is tame compared to the media of today.

Murder as a sport and not a crime dates back about a thousand years.

If there could be an insurrection at the White House, there could be a Hunger Games.

I won’t be surprised if American breaks out into another civil war. Helter Skelter. Not a bit suprised.

#StephenBear Sex Scandal Update @ChallengeMTV Devon Walker Only Fan Leak

I know it has been awhile since my first post about this, but I wanted to do a follow up.

I turns out that reality TV star Stephen “Bear” Brown has been arrested after he posted a sex tape on only fans without the consent of Georgia Harrison (fellow reality TV star) and wound up making a lot of money. Georgia claims that she was videotaped without her knowledge.

According to US Weekly, Stephen was “was taken into custody at London’s Heathrow Airport after returning home from Dubai” on January 15th with the charges of “disclosing private sexual photographs or films without consent with intent to cause distress, harassment, and obstructing a police officer”.

Bear’s only fans account has since been disabled and was released on bail February 10th. He denies that he ever recorded him having sex with Georgia and then posting it is a lie, even though many had seen the footage on his only fans account.

The consequences of “leaked porn” or “revenge porn” varies state to state and country by country.

My question is: why hasn’t MTV ever made a statement about it? They stand against racism so much but don’t acknowledge this? If I had the power I would have broke that story ASAP and had members of The Challenge give their thoughts. This is just as important as racism.

Georgia isn’t alone.

Devin Walker, another Challenge castmate, has had to deal with subscribers taking his adult photos from his Only Fans profile and selling or leaking them from various other websites. From what I have last heard, Devin has brought those people to justice.

Skin Care Series: Teenage Years Part One

If you are a teenager, your sebaceous glands are probably running wild. My daughter will soon be 14 and started getting acne at 12. She doesn’t get any major breakouts, but she does get a lot of spots here and there, especially on her chin. I think that I have relatives with acne problems and she may have inherited it. It isn’t the end of the world, and it doesn’t seem to bother my kid, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting my kid to look her best. Plus, getting involved and creating her skin care routine is a fun bonding activity.

While she does have acne, she doesn’t seem to be oily or dry at all, so I suppose her complexion would be considered normal with acne.

I use Bioderma to clean her face, witch hazel for disinfecting, salicylic acid pads (once or twice a week depending on how her skin is), and generic Retin-A for her breakouts. I have not been keeping up with this routine lately because I wanted to give her skin a break to see what is and is not working. I think I will try washing her face, using witch hazel, and apply Retin-A and see what the does in a week and get back to you. I might add something to help her acne scaring as well.

Teen Acne: Prologue

(I am not going to ever show what my daughter’s acne looks like when it flares up because I don’t want her finding out later down the line that I posted pics of her with acne for everyone to see. You will only see her in makeup or whenever her skin clears.)

My daughter started getting pimples when she started her monthly cycle, and it seems to me that she has full on acne and not pimples here and there like I and her father had when we were her age.

That means I have to do some research and some trial and errors. So far I have been using witch hazel, retin A and benxyol peroxide on her, but I haven’t been putting anything on her lately because I wanted to see what her skin would be like if I did nothing at all to it.

She gets a lot of spots, but no cystic acne, which is a good sign. She does get acne scarring and is prone to white heads. I will be putting her back on her witch hazel and Retin A treatments (witch hazel morning and night, Retin A before bed) to see if that is really all I need to do or if I need more products to help her.

Dr. Pimple Popper

I am so mad that her show is going over to Discovery +. These “+” channels are getting on my nerves, and they have no reason to exist.


I love Dr. Sandra Lee, she’s always awesome with her patients and never let fame or power get to her. I know a specific doctor I used to go to who started a bigger practice than he had when he was when I knew him, and now he’s a total dick.

She also has her own skincare line. I think I’m going to get that for my sister’s birthday this year. It seems to help with acne, which is something my sis has had to deal with a lot more than I have.

Warning: The content gets graphic on this show!

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