@Hulu Getting Rid of “Little Britain” and “Come Fly With Me” Was a Bad Move.

I really do not like any company that panders to that insufferable “woke culture”. The writers of “Little Britain” and “Come Fly With Me” may have made jokes and characters that some would consider racist, but Matt Lucas and David Walliams are NOT racists. If Hulu did any research on them at all or read David’s autobiography they would know that already. David Williams specifically states in his book that his father had racist tendencies (not an offensive sense of humor like David has, but actual racist tendencies), and David told his father straight to his face that he could never love anybody that is racist, including him.

Do research before you give into mob mentality. Think for yourself. If offensive humor is not your thing, you have every right to feel that way and every right not to choose to associate with people with an offensive sense of humor. You do not, however, have the right to bully them into having the same sense of humor as you do. Don’t like a particular joke/comedian/tv show/movie? Don’t give them your money or attention. Rallying a mob to attack those who offend you is not alright and more importantly, it is not human.

Go for projects that specifically exploit underage children the way that Netflix allowed “Cuties” to. I cancelled my Netflix subscription because of that movie. They don’t get to have my money anymore.

Again, bullying people who like offensive jokes into feeling like they are a bad person is never OK.

Offensive jokes are not hate speech. Parody is not hate speech.

“When they start looting, we’ll start shooting” however, is.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

32 thoughts on “@Hulu Getting Rid of “Little Britain” and “Come Fly With Me” Was a Bad Move.”

  1. Do research before you give into mob mentality. Think for yourself. If offensive humor is not your thing, you have every right to feel that way and every right not to chose to associate with people with an offensive sense of humor.

    It’s “choose” Katie, not “chose”. Also, there is no need to copy and paste that paragraph twice.


  2. I do understand. I requires a LOT of time to proofread your own articles when you are busy cleanin…Oh that’s right, ’cause sitting in your mom’s basement crying to complete strangers on Chaturbate in a wig requires less energy. I do have one question. Oh much energy does it take to start by just throwing away that damn CD rack?


    1. I also notice the more followers I get on chaturbate, the more you guys harass me. I doubt that’s a coincidence. I can’t imagine how you’re going to act after I surpass 7,000 followers. If you think I’m going to cry over someone pointing out typos for me, sorry, but I have thicker skin than that. Once again, I would rather stream in a storage room as opposed to doing it in my own daughter’s room, unlike some people. Typos don’t automatically make me a bad writer because EVERY writer has typos from time to time, even if they have an editor.

      If Tila is behind this, she has every right to bash me. I stopped bashing her the way I used to a while ago, and I am done with that. I don’t dislike anyone enough to be a cunt to anyone from now until the end of time. What I won’t have is anybody talking about Tila’s kids here, on chaturbate, or anywhere else I post. The minute any of you start doing that is the minute you get blocked.


    2. P.S. it’s “how” much energy does it take, not “oh” much energy, it’s “It” requires a lot of energy, not “I” requires a lot of energy. How much energy does it take to proofread a comment a fraction of the size of the post I wrote?


  3. You did the other day while you were bawling your eyes out on chaturbate to a bunch of strangers ’cause, you know, your a SO thick skinned. Cry for help much?


    1. I wasn’t crying over trolls, honey. I was crying over the fact that I have so much stress in my life. And it’s “you’re so thick skinned” not “you’re a SO thin skinned.”


    1. I’m sorry you’re so upset over never having been tipped just for having a pretty face or get paid to do nothing but have a conversation in private chat instead of having no choice but to fuck on camera because that will get you followers faster. It must really eat you up inside.


      1. Ouch, this all says a lot more about you than it does about me. I’m just here to laugh at you 🙂 At least I don’t cry on Chaturbate like an autistic loser. At least I don’t abuse my children by locking them in a room. Damn, you really are psycho.


        1. I lock her in her safe room where nothing can hurt her in the middle of an autistic meltdown because I’m not about to have her be out in the rest of the house where there’s plenty of things that she could grab or knock into that could really hurt her so nice try honey. Yelling OVER my daughter to stop her from hurting herself does not mean I am yelling AT her, and if I’m so abusive, go ahead and call CPS or the cops and get yourself in trouble for filing a false complaint.

          Don’t get mad at me over the fact that sometimes the truth hurts.


    1. I was freelance writing the entire time I was blogging on Myspace and am still doing freelance writing to this day. Yes it sucks I didn’t get paid but I did make a lot of connections.


      1. You should know we have every right coming from someone who constantly bitches about not having a platform to express yourself. Katie, you are a sadfishing pathetic hypocrite.


        1. There is no “we” have every right, “Tila” has every right. Tila unblocked me on Youtube and have never attacked her since. You guys are the ones who pretended to be my friend for a long time and then decided it’s ok to start verbally abusing me. Go smoke some more pot and kill some more brain cells, as if you being a degenerate stoner who is too scared to contribute anything to society makes you better than me.


          1. Tila unblocked everyone. Why would something so pathetically small make you feel so special? Oh yeah…because you literally have a life full of nothing.


            1. I have a huge family that loves me, I have a huge amount of friends IRL who love me, I raised an amazing daughter, I fight for those with Autism every chance I get, and I contribute to causes in any way I can. I have fans who have been loyal to me for a long time because I treat them all with love and respect. I make friends on every platform I join. What do you have? Weed and 7,000 followers on chaturbate. You literally have a life full of toxic jealousy.


              1. Could you remind me what there is to be jealous of? Having a hard time here…also…I work a public job that actually helps people. Versus living in my boomer parents basement while abusing my autism kid.


                1. I live in a house that I will be owning once my parents are gone. “My autism kid”? And you have the nerve to come at me over being a shitty writer? You don’t have a leg to stand on and you know it. If you had any self esteem or self respect you would not be lashing out at someone who never ever ever did anything personally to you other than ask why they were being such a cunt to me when they thought I wasn’t reading what they were saying about me in a group DM on twitter. If you had no jealousy toward me you wouldn’t feel the need to constantly verbally abuse me. Again, go ahead and call the police. I have lived where I live my whole life and the police in my town know me. I already spoke to hem about your behavior towards me. Keep it up, dig yourself a deeper hole. Just make sure you do yourself a favor and don’t drop the soap after you get arrested for filing a false police or cps report.


                  1. Again, why are you begging for your child to be taken away? So you have more time to be a shitty writer? I also write professionally…unlike you…sad…LOL.


                    1. If you’re so professional…..why do you constantly write…… like this…… you don’t have a leg to stand on Vodka. I’m literally taking care of my daughter while I watch her do her homework right now. I hope you find whatever you need to fill the gaping hole of self loathing that is destroying you. Have a blessed day. I’m never replying to you again. Feel free to vomit all over my comments for as much as you want, you’re only driving more traffic to my blog and making me more money.


  4. Katie, spend your time cleaning instead of entertaining us trolls that have no life. Oh, that’s right. You have a mental illness you hide behind.


    1. Just because I don’t monetize my entire life to get the chance to be Yotube famous doesn’t mean being on the internet and social media is the only thing I have going on with my life. I’m a freelancer writer, of course I need the internet to do fact checking and double checking sources.


      1. Honey, some of us have real job, and don’t have to rely on the sad kind of shit you do for attention.

        Go cry some more. Or be extra cringy and SING on chaturbate. LOL.

        Are you sure it’s your daughter who is autistic?


  5. Real question, why are all wiccans so fat and ugly and unsuccessful? Also usually financially broke too…good job all the magic is doing for you…


    1. I have a lot of people who love me in my life. Money doesn’t put a smile on my face every day, my daughter does. Money didn’t help me get out of an abusive relationship, my family and friends did. Money is not going to be by my side holding my hand while I am on my death bed. Who are you to call me a loser when obviously all you care about is money? Paper means more to you than love, laughter, and spiritual prosperity? Money is more important to you than helping your fellow man? Do you really think Jesus is going to book a one-way ticket to heaven for someone as petty and shallow as you? I doubt it.


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