Skin Care Series: Best Products for Wrinkles

I am 38 years old and I have noticed that I officially have fine lines under my eyes. I started using Clinique All About Eyes Rich about two months ago.

I have noticed results under my eyes since I started using this. For a 1 oz container, a little goes a long way.

However, I have noticed a lot of dermatologists say that you have to switch up a lot of the skin care products you use (except maybe a cleanser) because your skin gets used to the ingredients and you stop getting the results you wanted. Once this eye cream runs out, I am going to try another brand, one that across the board packs the best punch for people on a budget like myself:

Neutrogina’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair collection:

(click the image to buy it on amazon)

I am going to get this for my Mom to use and then when I run out I’ll switch to this. I already have a day cream coming my way via Groupon. I still can’t believe how much I’ve saved on expensive skin care using that site (and Honey for extra money off).

I am also going to write about the serum I have my Mom using right now so everyone can see the progress that was made from it.

Youtuber’s I Like: Game Grumps

Watching Arin I get to vicariously lose my mind to eye-blinding anger. Some people are just really funny when they’re angry. Some people say I am sometimes, but eh. I guess I can come up with some improvisation when I’m annoyed, but when I am raging like Arin does towards the games he plays: it might be funny, but don’t think it’s OK to poke a ranting bear. I’ll strangle you with my bear hands.

Katie Joy #WOACB @woacbofficial in big trouble because of THIS! EXCLUSIVE!!

Unlike some people, I don’t capitalize off of another person’s legit reason to be depressed over the anniversary of something traumatic that happened to them. To everyone who IS: for shame.

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