Skin Care Series: Face Masks

I started using face masks in high school. I am part Irish and rather pale, so I never went tanning (like a lot of Jersey girls do) and I continue to try to keep myself out of the sun as much as possible. It is a big reason why my skin now looks so good for my age (38).

I want to share with you my favorite face masks:

1). Neutrogena Clear Skin Cleanser/Mask: (It is sold in packs on amazon or you can usually find them at your local drug store/chemist for around $10)

I discovered this mask in high school and have been using it off and on for the last 20 years. It is an awesome mask to have on hand if you are a woman particularly, because the amount of benzoyl peroxide really helps with preventing hormonal acne (which I get to this day). This really helps me keep cystic acne at bay.

2). Anything by Freeman/Freeman Beauty

This is the best drug store/chemist skin care line that I have ever tried. Right now I am loving their Cosmic Peel Off Gold mask. It is really brightening because it contains grapefruit, and gets the sebum out of my pores (so do charcoal masks, but I don’t really like using them because I don’t really get blackheads badly enough, and they are too harsh on my skin). I use this as an exfoliant I follow this up with my witch hazel toner, hyaluronic acid and a moisturizer (I am going to be adding a new day moisturizer for the days I don’t want to wear my tinted moisturizer, but that’s a blog for another time). I will also be trying Freeman Beauty’s Infusion Pomegranate peel-off mask once I am out of the Cosmic Peel Off Gold mask.

3). Biotique Bio Pistachio face pack: I always put this on after I do my peel-off mask. I use this more often in the winter. It has a lot of natural oils in it and is the only mask that deeply moisturizes and isn’t so heavy that it causes breakouts.

4). Bio Republic Sheet Masks

I do not have a diverse knowledge of sheet masks at all, but this is the first company that really blew me away. Their masks (especially their cucumber mask) are so cooling and refreshing. I buy them during the summer when it is really hot because sitting in an air conditioned room with their cucumber mask on my face is just everything to me. They have a great range and the sheets are drenched in serum, so you can utilize it for other things, like a quick face massage. I massage my neck, chest, and hands with the leftover serum. You don’t have to wash your face afterwards because the serums they put in their masks evaporate on their own. This is perfect for when you are feeling your skin looks sallow in the winter or too flushed in the summer. It is definitely a brand I cannot live without.

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